Ahren-Fire Fireplace Heating System

Enjoy a Pleasant Fireplace Experience With an Ahren-Fire System

The Ahren-Fire fireplace must be looked at as a complete system, from the hearth to the top of the chimney and everything in between. Every part and component serves a purpose of safety and performance to assure a long lasting and pleasant fireplace experience.

Top Hat Industries is an authorized installer of Ahren-Fire restoration and retrofit system. Contact us to get Ahren-Fire system installed at your home.

Fireplace Designed for Efficiency

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Install Agren-Fire System in Your New Construction

Take the guesswork out of fireplace design. The Ahren-Fire pre-engineered system has eliminated the pitfalls that can lead to poor fireplace performance. Just have a fireplace face, shell and chimney built and leave the interior to the Ahren-Fire system.

Benefits of Ahren-Fire system:

Improves fireplace performance
  • Radiates more heat
  • Eliminates smoky fireplaces
  • Requires half the flue area of a conventional fireplace
Improves fireplace safety
  • UL tested
  • UL Listed - zero clearance to combustibles inside a 4" thick brick structure.
  • Brings fireplaces up to code
Durable and attractive
  • Strong reinforced cast refractory material
  • Realistic brick pattern
  • Does not change the existing fireplace face
  • Eight Ahren-Fire models available for an exact fit

Check out our gallery to see an Ahren Fire system being installed from beginning to end! 

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