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Reasons to Install Chimney Lining Systems

Chimney liners play an important role in protecting your chimney from soot and creosote. Did you know that national safety standards require that your chimney has a flue liner?  If your chimney does not have a flue liner, the bricks and mortar used to construct the chase can prematurely deteriorate and dangerous emissions can migrate into your home where you don't want them to go.

Get your old chimney lined or relined to protect you and your family from unseen hazards. Your old clay flue liners might need to be changed due to causes like poor construction, poor maintenance, age and deterioration, or from sudden damages such as lightening, thermal shock, and chimney fires.

Unfortunately, retrofitting a vitrified clay liner into an existing masonry chimney is virtually impossible. We use one of the 2 primary methods of installing a chimney lining system into an existing masonry chimney. You can rest assured knowing that we choose the option that best suits your particular chimney issues.
Chimney Liners

Read About Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Stainless steel chimney liners are the perfect solution to protect your fireplace from damages due to soot and creosote. These liners are made using various alloys of stainless steel. You can find liners in a variety of styles and sizes that are suitable for different types of chimneys. 

We recommend stainless steel as it can be rigid or flexible and is generally either round or oval.  A round flue makes an ideal pathway for smoke to exit, unlike square or rectangle clay liners. Weeither pull the liner up from the bottom or lower the liners into the chimney from the top down. Theya re then attached to a base support system within the chimney. 

Depending on the alloy, stainless steel chimney liners are suitable to vent appliances burning wood, oil, pellet and gas.  Stainless steel chimney liners may be used on chimneys venting fireplaces, freestanding stoves, and wood, oil, or gas furnaces. After lining the chimney with stainless steel, the pipe is insulated to help keep the liner warm to improve the draft and to protect the combustibles surrounding the chimney chase.
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